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Night Before Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Start the dough the night before, then cook these delicious cinnamon buns for breakfast.

These cinnamon rolls will be easier to make if you use a stand mixer with a dough hook. The one pictured to the left is a good example.

This recipe makes about a dozen large buns.

Night Before Cinnamon Runs Recipe


2 eggs
1 1/2 cups water, warm
2 1/4 teaspoons of active dry yeast
1/2 cup skim milk powder
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup good quality vegetable oil
4 1/2 cups flour
additional flour for dusting
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
cooking spray as needed
4 tablespoons soft butter, unsalted
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon


2 cup powdered sugar (eg icing sugar, confectioner's sugar)
1 teaspoons vanilla
milk as needed


Beat the eggs. Whisk in the water, yeast, dry milk, sugar and oil.

If you have a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, use it now. If not, use a wooden spoon to mix. Add three cups of flour and mix well, then add the salt. Add one additional cup of flour.

Begin kneading at this point. Use a dough attachment if you have one. If not, knead by hand. If kneading by hand, sprinkle a surface lightly with flour and turn your dough out onto this surface.

Continue kneading while you gradually add 1/2 cup of flour. This dough will be soft and sticky. Do not add additional flour although you may be tempted to do so.

Spray a bowl with cooking oil, then put the kneaded dough in this bowl. Cover and allow it to rise until it is twice the size. This will take between one or two hours.

Sprinkle flour over a surface and turn the dough onto this surface. Roll it out until it is approximately 12 inches wide by 18 inches long.

Spread your very soft butter over this dough, but leave a margin of 1/2 an inch along the top edge.

Sprinkle the cinnamon and brown sugar over the butter.

Taking hold of the 18 inch side, roll the dough up as tightly as you can. Pinch the unbuttered border to seal.

Use a non-stick, 9 by 13 inch pan. Spray it with cooking spray.

Mark the dough into 12 equal pieces.

Take a long piece of dental floss and work the floss underneath the dough. Pull both ends of the dental floss up and around the dough, then use it to cut through the dough to free your first unbaked bun. Place this roll in the pan, on the side. Repeat with the other 11 pieces of dough.

Cover your cinnamon buns and allow them to rise for sixty minutes, or until doubled.

At this point, you can bake the rolls now, OR you can cover them tightly with plastic wrap, and refrigerate them overnight. Do not leave the dough in the fridge for more than 12 hours.

To bake the buns in the morning, remove them from the fridge, replace the plastic cover with a dishtowel and let them warm up for half an hour while the oven preheats to 350°F.

Bake the cinnamon buns for half an hour or a little longer. They should be golden brown. Remove from oven.

To make the glaze, mix the powdered sugar and vanilla with enough milk to form a glaze that spreads easily. Drizzle the glaze over the warm cinnamon rolls. Eat and enjoy.


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